Welsh Government backs Dot On within £0.3 Million funding round - read more

Dot On is thrilled to announce backing from the Welsh Government within its latest round of £0.3 Million funding. This injection will propel Dot On to scale and accelerate its groundbreaking solution to market, completely transforming how brands deliver webshop experiences globally.

Customer digital adoption and expectations continue to exponentially increase to new heights. Dot On’s visionary and upcoming ecommerce solution will empower brands with digital freedom to deliver exceptional and unique customer experiences. Meeting customer expectations in this fast moving digital world is a high bar. Dot On’s pioneering application will provide brands with a huge competitive edge in exceeding customer expectations, driving rapid revenue growth. This is just the start. Dot On has the potential to disrupt ecommerce globally.

As a successful Welsh tech startup, Dot On is proud to be supported by the Welsh Government’s SMARTCymru programme, funded by the European Regional Development Fund. With the Welsh Government’s backing, Dot On will drive innovation, export developments, the creation of high quality employment, high skills development, improved investments in research and development, and digitalisation in Wales. Dot On’s solution aids delivering “a prosperous Wales” by operating and developing a highly skilled company in a growing market, as well as ensuring a “resilient Wales” and a “globally responsible Wales” through environmental considerations. Dot On is ‘Green Growth Pledge’ certified (Business Wales, Welsh Government) and is fully committed to reducing environmental impacts throughout all solutions and operations.

Headquartered in Monmouth, Dot On is a thriving technology firm spanning digital ecommerce applications and consultancy services, aiming to revolutionise digital commerce through cutting-edge technologies. Dot On’s core values have always been environmentally focused and customer-centric, with the ethos “our customers’ success is our success”. Dot On delivers highly performant and quality ecommerce solutions which drive high return on investment, increasing revenues by up to 337% and conversion rates by up to 73%.

This opportunity is very exciting. Dot On’s new product, completely developed in Wales, will shift and transform the commerce industry. The continued support of our team, partners, customers, family and friends, and the backing of the Welsh Government is wholeheartedly appreciated and we plan to celebrate this major milestone with them soon - and we look forward to welcoming future customers.
Chairman, CEO & Co-founder

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