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Order Orchestration

Streamline Sales Order Lifecycles, End-to-End

Automate the entire sales order lifecycle between Brightpearl by sage and Shopify. Unlock efficiencies, CX improvements and revenue opportunities.

  • Order Capture Orchestrate sales orders and payments in real-time.

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  • Fulfil Fulfil orders anywhere, fully or partially.

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  • Return & Refund Real-time orchestration of returns/credits and refunds.

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  • Streamline CX Streamline CX through bidirectional syncs.

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Order Created Fulfilment Orders Created Fulfilment Orders Accepted Fulfilment Orders Shipped Payment Captured Sales Orders Created Goods Out Notes Raised Goods Out Notes Shipped Sales Order Invoiced Sales Order Created Fulfilment Orders Created Fulfilment Orders Accepted Fulfilment Orders Shipped
Inventory Visibility

Gain Real-time Inventory Visibility at Global Scale

Real-time inventory visibility over complex global operations, locations and distribution centres. Purpose-built, deep, real-time Connectors with Brightpearl by Sage and Shopify.

  • Orchestrate Configures inventory sales channel profiles globally.

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  • Syndicate Real-time inventory visibility over all Shopify stores.

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Product Information

Optimise, Enrich & Centralise Product Data

Centrally manage, localise and syndicate product info over all Shopify stores. Empower your customers with visibility and transparency to make informed purchase decisions.

  • Product Information Manage, centralise and automate product information and media.

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  • Price Lists & Prices Manage and syndicate multi-currency price lists and prices.

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  • Data Health Identify and cleanse product information data.

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