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Built from the ground up as a skyscraper, for enterprise-scale
Jonathan Petrie, Co-Founder & CEO, Dot On
Our founding story

Building high quality tech,
That ‘just works’

Nearly two decades ago, Jonathan Petrie and Louise Petrie started a retail business, incorporating an array of enterprise-grade ecommerce, POS, ERP and WMS platforms into their retail tech stack - and various complex bespoke and iPaaS integrations.

Although carefully selecting leading solutions, partners and agencies, the reality was that these systems, platforms and integrations continually went wrong and were very inefficient - along with continuous mountains of ever-growing bugs. These challenges impacted retail operations so severely that Jonathan and Louise started building their own technologies to alleviate the chaos.

Dot On was then born in 2015 - founded by Jonathan and Louise purely due to the frustration of poor quality technology within their retail business. Dot On’s mission in turn is driven by delivering high quality technology that ‘just works’, so enterprises can focus on what they do best - known today as the ‘Dot On Standard’.

Today, Dot On is a pioneering composable commerce platform SaaS vendor operating throughout the UK, EU and US. Enterprises globally depend on Dot On’s enterprise-scale, unparalleled solutions - unlocking efficiencies, customer experience improvements and new revenue opportunities. All technologies are built from the ground up, for enterprise-scale by Dot On’s talented in-house team in Wales and the UK.

High quality tech remains centric to Dot On, investing heavily into continuous innovation and R&D - to drive the Dot On Platform and its Customers’ businesses forward with huge competitive advantage.


Our Customers’ Success
is Our Success

Since day one, the success of our unparalleled platform has been driven by our amazing customers. We have an embedded desire for our customers to succeed - over efficiencies, CX and revenue - which is why our roadmap is extensively customer led.

Our strategy is simple - “our customers’ success is our success”.

Our backers

Dot On is supported by Google, Microsoft and MongoDB startup programmes - and backed by the Welsh Government.