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Product Information

Manage Product Information Centrally

Gain product data centralisation, efficiency and real-time global syndication over Shopify and Brightpearl by Sage. Empower your customers to make informed decisions through visibility and transparency, in turn driving revenue, CX and lower return rates.

  • Centralised Repository Centrally manage, automate and syndicate product information globally over your Shopify stores and Brightpearl by Sage - in real-time.
  • Localised CXs Exceed customers' expectations with localised product data for regions, countries, etc - including support for multi-lingual and localised custom fields.
  • Flexible Data Structures Manage product information in the way that works for your business, with highly flexible and configurable data structures incorporating custom fields.
  • Multi-Brand Centralise multi-brand product information management and syndicate product data over your Shopify portfolio.
  • Images & Media Manage media centrally, over images, videos, etc and syndicate over Shopify stores globally.
Price Lists & Prices

Streamline Price Lists Globally

Exceed customers' expectations with localised multi-currency, multi-brand Shopify store CXs, whilst keeping Brightpearl by Sage in sync. Unlock efficiencies, revenue and CX through centralised, automated price lists management, including promotional price lists support.

  • Centralised Price Lists Manage all price lists in one place and distribute over all Shopify stores and Brightpearl by Sage.
  • Multi-Currency Localise list/sell/cost prices to each region, country, etc, on a per Shopify store basis and deliver seamless CXs globally.
  • Multi-Brand Manage multi-brand price lists, with list prices, sell prices and cost prices for each Shopify store.
  • Gross & Net Pricing Manage prices in gross or net, and automatically convert and syndicate gross and net prices over Shopify stores and Brightpearl by Sage.
  • Promotion Automation Launch and revert promotional price lists over your global Shopify operations, in turn driving agility and revenue.
SKU List Price US 1002-1089-ABC $449.00 1002-1090-ABC $109.99 1002-1091-ABC $89.99 1002-1092-ABC $399.99 Sell Price GB £359.00 £89.99 £74.99 £165.99 List Price GB £359.00 £89.99 £74.99 £324.99 Sell Price US $449.00 $99.99 $89.99 $199.99
Data Health

Skyrocket Product Data Health

Unlock real-time product information health insights, and empower your team to proactively cleanse and optimise product data - delivering exceptional CX through accuracy, visibility and transparency, in turn driving revenue, retention and lower return rates over your Shopify stores globally.

  • Data Health Insights Knowledge is power. Gain actionable product information health insights and actively resolve incorrect, incomplete, etc product data, and fast.
  • Cleanse, Enrich & Optimise Action your product data health reports. Cleanse, optimise and enrich your product information to drive incredible CXs.
  • Reduce Returns Empower customers to make informed purchase decisions and reduce returns - through accurate, enriched and optimised product information on Shopify stores.

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