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Inventory Visibility

Real-Time Inventory Visibility

Unlock real-time inventory visibility over all locations, warehouses and Shopify sales channels at global, enterprise-scale. Drive revenue, conversion rates, CXs and near-eliminate lost sales and rush charges. Brightpearl by Sage remains the system of record.

  • Real-Time Global Visibility Empower your customers with real-time inventory visibility over all warehouses and locations. Near-eliminate lost sales and oversells and maximise revenue opportunities over your global Shopify portfolio.
  • Eliminate Oversells Near-eliminate oversells, reduce rush charges and improve CXs - through real-time storefront inventory visibility and real-time Shopify sales orders' soft allocation.
  • Exceed CX Expectations Exceed customers' expectations with real-time inventory visibility and transparency. Drive retention, conversion rates and gain the competitive advantage in this fast moving digital world.
  • Location Groups Power storefront inventory from single or combined groups of locations/warehouses.
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