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Brightpearl is the master, highly syndicated & automated across all Shopify stores.
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Order Capture

Sales Orders Automated, Efficiencies Off The Roof

Gain the competitive advantage, with the highest level of sales order lifecycle automation commercially available for Brightpearl by Sage and Shopify. Empower your team with Dot On Order Orchestration, eliminate manual processes, and focus on what you do best.

  • Unparalled Efficiencies Drive efficiencies and CXs to new heights at global enterprise-scale - with seamless, real-time and highly automated sales order and payment orchestration.
  • Live Exchange Rates & Tax Codes Automate international sales orders and payments with live exchange rates and tax codes - powered by our enterprise-grade Tax Code Determination Engine.
  • Unlimited Payment Methods Drive visibility and eliminate accounting manual processes - map every Shopify PSP / payment method to its own Brightpearl by Sage payment method.
  • Promised Delivery Dates Deliver on time, every time. Capture promised delivery dates, fulfil in order of priority and gain visibility on service levels.
  • Sales Channel Routing Attribute sales channels around your business. Route Shopify sales orders created by apps, sales channels, individual/grouped Shopify POS stores, etc to individual Brightpearl by Sage sales channels.
Order Created Fulfilment Orders Created Fulfilment Orders Accepted Fulfilment Orders Shipped Payment Captured Sales Orders Created Goods Out Notes Raised Goods Out Notes Shipped Sales Order Invoiced Sales Order Created Fulfilment Orders Created Fulfilment Orders Accepted Fulfilment Orders Shipped

Fulfil Anywhere, in real-time

Drive fulfilment automation and deliver amazing customer experiences and increased efficiencies with Dot On Order Orchestration.

  • Buy Anywhere, Fulfil Anywhere Purchase online, instore, etc and fulfil from any location, in single or multiple fulfilments - in Shopify, Shopify POS and/or Brightpearl by Sage.
  • Tracking URL Engine Put shipment tracking URLs on auto pilot with our Tracking URL Engine - generating correct tracking URLs for any courier.
  • Non-Stock Tracked Auto Fulfil Automate non-stock-tracked order line fulfilments, whether services, gift wrap, or otherwise. Drive customer visibility and automate manual processes.
  • Bundle Fulfilment Support Bundles supported out of the box, complimented with seamless bundle fulfilment(s) every time.
Returns & Refunds

Real-time sales credits, faster than you can blink

Drive refunds/returns productivity and CX to new heights. Introduce a new level of international sales return/credit automation. This is the tip of the iceberg in how Dot On Order Orchestration can transform your enterprise.

  • Real-time Returns/Refunds Drive operational efficiencies, visibility and incredible CX through real-time automation of Shopify sales credits into Brightpearl by Sage.
  • Conditional Return to Stock Choose to 'return to stock' or 'do not return to stock' for Shopify returns/refunds - with automatic goods in notes raised as applicable for sales credits in Brightpearl.
  • Non-Stock Tracked Support Non-stock-tracked sales credit lines and sales order lines supported out of the box, driving automation in the fast lane.
  • Live Exchange Rates & Tax Codes Grow globally at speed. Automate live exchange rates and international tax codes on sales credit lines - via our enterprise-grade Tax Code Determination Engine.
  • Buy Anywhere, Return Anywhere Buy online and return instore (BORIS), buy from instore location 1 and return to instore location 2, and more - automate and drive seamless operations and CXs.
  • Auto Invoicing & FIFO support Enable accurate inventory valuations through first-In-first-out (FIFO) sales credit automation and optionally automate sales credit invoicing.
Sales Credit # Name US-SC10987498757 John Smith GB-SC10987498756 Suzie Jones DE-SC10987498755 Ted Wells AU-SC10987498754 Joanna Welch Status New Refunded On Hold Refunded
streamline cx

Bidirectional, Streamlined CX Experiences

Streamline customer experiences and efficiencies internally with Dot On Order Orchestration. Create and update customer records anywhere, with bidirectional real-time syncs between Dot On Platform, Shopify and Brightpearl by Sage - without customer account duplication. Enrich customer profiles with custom fields, tax codes, company information and more.

Dot On has been a great partner to work with. They have helped us unlock efficiencies, improve customer experience and generate new sales opportunities.
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